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8 Best WordPress Plugins For Boosting Your Online Sales

Boosting Your Online Sales

If you’re running an online business, you’ll find that guaranteeing sales has a certain art to it. Most aspiring entrepreneurs are lucky enough to have platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce to help kickstart their dreams of selling. With the best WordPress plugins for better online sales, that becomes easier still.

However, to create an e-commerce experience that truly converts and sells, it helps to know what you’re doing. Even if people want what you’re selling, it takes a little effort, secure customers, especially in the long term.

A few different factors determine sales, such as

  • A competent user-interface
  • Reliable checkout functions
  • Consistent marketing
  • Social proof
  • Customer service
  • Incentives for customers (discounts, quality media, free shipping, etc.)

8-Must Have Plugins For Improving Your Online Sales

Some aspects of improving sales, like coming up with deals and user-friendly shipping policies, are the business owner’s responsibility. For basically everything else, these plugins will help you optimize your online shop.

1.   Wisepops

Generating leads is a science that not everyone can master overnight. However, with Wisepops, you can boost conversions by customizing pop-ups and tracking their success in attracting more clicks and impressions. Thus, with newsletters, surveys, and abandoned cart reminders, you can improve rapport with users and increase the likelihood of in-store purchases.

Essential Features

  • Customizable pop-up functions and designs
  • Full control over pop-up activity
  • User segmentation
  • Analytics functions
  • Split testing for pop-ups

2.   OneSignal

While pop-ups work like a charm on your WooCommerce store, OneSignal specializes in notifying buyers outside the virtual shop. But this isn’t about bombarding customers with vague, annoying messages at the worst possible times. After all, that would be a poor way of thanking those who buy from you.

Instead, you can carefully craft personalized messages and reminders that you can send at a select few, appropriate moments. Onesignal allows you to set up a structured mechanism for notifications that keeps your buyers on their toes without being an annoyance

Essential Features

  • Scheduled and automated notifications
  • Audience targeting
  • Custom “Opt-In” function for getting notified
  • Real-time metrics
  • Split testing for improving your notifications
  • Widespread device, OS, and protocol compatibility

3.   Checkout Field Editor By JCodex

In a nutshell, checkout determines how smoothly your buyers are able to pick a product and complete a purchase. Depending on how convenient things are, it can make or break your business. WooCommerce does offer built-in checkout elements, or “fields”, but their scope is limited at best.

The WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor allows you to not only increase the number of fields but also what you can do with them. enable different fields for billing, choosing products, selecting a delivery window, and much more. You can add, remove, or hide these elements based on your and your customer’s needs for a truly convenient checkout system that encourages sales.

Essential Features

  • A library of different checkout fields
  • Advanced customization for your interface
  • Conditional field activation
  • E-mail support
  • Compatible with multilingual plugins
  • Custom hooks
  • Compatible with Zapier

4.   Brevo – Email Marketing Plugin

Email marketing is one of the simplest ways to improve your online store’s revenue. But like website pop-ups and push notifications, you need to approach it with a strategy.

Apart from setting up targeted emails and simple mail transfer protocol, or SMTP, functions, Brevo lets you set up subscription forms, automate what you send, and track your campaigns.

Essential Features

  • Email automation
  • Contact lists and forms
  • Real-time statistics
  • Transactional emails
  • Customized newsletters

5.   ProveSource

Social proof is a staple of any healthy business scene, online or otherwise. Leveraging reviews, successful sales, and the power of FOMO can offer a sales magnet like no other.

ProveSource highlights things like product sales, customer feedback, and best-sellers related to your store. This method boosts sales by encouraging buyers to engage more vigorously with your store.

Essential Features

  • Customize sales and engagement pop-ups
  • Mobile-friendly sales messaging
  • Compatible with Google reviews
  • Localized with 20+ languages

6.   ThriveDesk

Even the best-designed online stores experience hiccups from time to time. ThriveDesk is a live chat solution that acts as a customer assistant by connecting them with store support.

It lets you offer assistance in checkout, shipping, refunds, and other areas where buyers might struggle. This improves user satisfaction, which in turn translates to better sales.

Essential Features

  • Customer tracking
  • Compatible with Zoom and Google Meet
  • Spam filters
  • Lead collection
  • Automated replies
  • Workflow automation
  • ChatGPT integration
  • IOS and Android-friendly

7.   WP All Import by Soffly

The best way to import product info and other details to your store is in the form of SML or CSV files. However, there can be many of these files, and constantly having to manage all of them takes time. Plus, the chances of errors that lead to lost sales opportunities are also high.

With WP All Import, you simplify the process of importing and exporting this data. You can import all your files within minutes. It offers automated functions as well as the option to manually make edits in Excel or Google Sheets.

Essential Features

  • Support for product images
  • URL import
  • Custom PHP Functions
  • Technical support
  • Scheduled import options
  • Flexible API support

8.   WebToffee – PDF Invoices and more

Providing digital slips, notes, and invoices is always a savvy selling practice. It reassures shoppers that you are dedicated to a reliable sales and customer experience where refunds, replacements, and deals are that much simpler. This is basically what WooCommerce PDF invoices, packing slips, delivery notes, and shipping labels are there for.

But it’s not just about providing a record of completed purchases. It’s about fostering trust, which is a surefire way to keep your buyers coming back.

Essential Features

  • Custom templates and invoices
  • Bulk generation
  • Print options
  • Auto-generated invoice IDs and QR codes


With these sales-related WooCommerce plugins, you can construct a simple yet downright comfortable experience for shoppers that are used to the luxuries of buying from the comfort of their homes. Consider this a checklist where each ticked box means more engagement, more conversions, and ultimately, greater online purchases!

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